Frequently Asked Questions

Patient Questions

How do I become a patient of Specialty Clinics Spine Intervention?

Patients are seen by request of a referring physician. Self-referral is not accepted, as patients need to be evaluated by a primary care provider or other physician before seeking treatment from a pain management specialist.

Do you accept my insurance?

Specialty Clinics Spine Intervention accepts most major commercial insurance plans and Medicare. The physicians at Specialty Clinics Spine Intervention are not Medicaid providers. To find out if your plan is covered you may call our office at (770) 297-7277.

Do you accept worker compensation claims?

Yes, provided the appropriate referrals and pre-certification process has been approved.

Will I see one pain physician or can I rotate providers in the group?

Once you become a patient at Specialty Clinics Spine Intervention, you will see the same provider each time and by office policy, you may not change pain physicians.

Can I transfer to your group if I am not happy with my current pain management practitioner?

Specialty Clinics Spine Intervention does NOT accept patients that have been patients in other area pain clinics.

Will you fill out my disability paperwork?

No, our physicians will not fill out Social security disability paperwork. Our philosophy is to offer treatment that allows patients to be functional and maintain gainful employment.

Are your procedures successful?

The injection therapies are targeted towards a specific structure for two purposes: to obtain a diagnosis or to prove if that structure is the cause of a patient’s pain, and to provide pain relief. The level of success varies from patient to patient based on each specific condition. Our procedures, at minimum, provide diagnostic relief to indicate that the particular target structure is the pain generator. The medicines injected are intended to help relieve and heal tissues through decreasing inflammation. The length of pain relief achieved can vary from several hours to many years.